Cougar Script Editor

We are proud to announce Team 1403’s Cougar Scripting system, a robust system used to efficiently and clearly encode sequences of autonomous actions. Scripts are created by using the Cougar Script Editor, which is a drag and drop graphical user interface that allows for the creation and modification of cougar scripts as well as provides a preview of the projected actions of the robot. The script is then exported, interpreted, and executed by the robot. The system is easily adaptable to fit any type of game, field, robot, or command!

Link to source code:

Link to user guide:

More information can be found here:


What language is this written in?

The Cougar Script Editor is written in Java

Hi! I am from Rookie team 8714 and I love your Scripting system.
However, can you please help me set up the System, please?
I don’t know what to do with the files from Github.
Thank you so much!

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