Could laser safety goggles be used to block lime lights?

I was thinking that the lime lights LEDs look kind of like green lasers, and laser safety goggles block a specific wave length of light, like that emitted by a lime light. I don’t know if there is a difference between LED light and laser light that would prevent this from working.

The issue is that the competition rules say that drive team can not use tinted safety glasses.
(Edit) I read the rules wrong

Actually, they don’t say that.

E101-A (Event Rules):

wear safety glasses (only ANSI-approved, UL Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS certified, or CSA rated non-shaded) while in and around the playing FIELD and in the pit area. Lightly tinted lenses are permitted provided eyes are clearly visible to others, but reflective lenses are prohibited.

I myself use an amber tint when at competitions.

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Just make yourself a pair of limelight safety goggles like these, and all your green light blinding issues will go away


Or, don’t use limelight. Our team is probably just going to use apriltags this season

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It’s fine for most, but tint is not a good idea for CSAs. Cut the blue wire with the white stripe. NOT, I repeat NOT, the black wire with the yellow stripe.


Your alliance partners may well still be depending on limelights.


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