Could someone pls share a pic of the loading hatch dimensions?

The pictures from the manual don’t properly show them and our school’s system won’t let us extract the CAD file.

I had the same issue with the zip file, it is password protected (the password is the same as the manual password), so you can’t extract it with Window’s default extraction tool. I can’t take a screenshot right now, but if it helps you can extract it properly and enter the password with a 3rd party extraction tool. I used 7-Zip, but I think you can also use WinRAR as well.

I believe these are the dimensions you’re looking for:

I got these from page 150 of the field drawings, drawing number GE-19130

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Thank you so much!

Okay. It will need to done at home because we can’t WinRAR on the school computers sadly. Thanks for the help!

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