Could the robot hole the tote shoot door open?

Could the robot hole the tote shoot door open? I wasn’t able to get a full answers by looking at the rules. I know that the human player can not touch both a tote and the door so this could be a way around that possibly

The robot can’t extend out of the field and I would consider that outside of the field on top of being unsafe.

The door is behind the Alliance Station wall–this could cause the robot to be leaving the field. Matter of fact, the FIELD section makes this even more clear in 2.2.2 that it would most likely be leaving the field.

So now we get to reference rules:
–G1, Blue Box Item D. Unsafe play, consistently extending outside field. Disabling offense.
–G27. Robot contacting anything outside field. Disabling offense.

I’m guessing the chute door/chute lever concept isn’t there so much to give people problems to solve as it is for safety. So even if holding it open is legal in terms of not going outside the field, they’ll update the rules to make it illegal again in terms of safety.

It occurred to me that Rule G6 (A single ALLIANCE member may not be in contact with both a TOTE and the CHUTE DOOR simultaneously) eliminates the need for rules about HP and Robot interaction. The robot could slam into the Tote and hurt the Human Player. Not being in contact with the Tote when it is exposed to the Field reduces that possibility. Note, Rule G5 prevents another HP from being in contact with the exposed Tote (word “single” in Rule G6).

There is not a safety concern for Litter, hence no need for a similar Litter rule.

As a partial answer…


The panels adjacent to the PLAYER STATIONS each have two openings, one for the TOTE CHUTE, the other for the LITTER CHUTE.
Each TOTE CHUTE opening is 1 ft. 3.25 in. tall by 1 ft. 6.5 in. wide, with the bottom of the opening located 1 ft. 6.5 in. above the carpet.
The TOTE CHUTE is installed behind the TOTE CHUTE opening** (i.e. on the outside of the FIELD)** and consists of an 2 ft. 6 in. long
ramp of HDPE, at a 22 degree incline, with a upper edge that is 2 ft. 6.625 in. from the floor.


G16 The following actions are prohibited with regards to interaction with FIELD elements (items A-D exclude TOTES, RECYCLING
A. grabbing
B. grasping
C. grappling
D. attaching to
E. becoming entangled
F. hanging
G. damaging (exception: unintentional damage to LITTER)
H. tying

Are you able to move stack of crates over to the human station and then put them into the chute?

The limitations I found are:

  1. G5: Only 1 HP in the Human Player Zone (can’t have someone bring them to you, but someone could push them over the line)
  2. G13: Can’t move totes until the game starts. So, during Autonomus, you can start moving the Totes to the Starting Line.

Just to put this to rest: Team Update #1 specifically banned using anything to hold the door open.

Section 3 - The Game
Section 3.2.1 - Safety
G6-1 DRIVE TEAMS may not use any object to prop the CHUTE DOOR open.

Rich wins this one for the rule used to outlaw holding the door open.

The only restrictions are: 1 human player in each human player station, and you can’t [strike]touch totes during auto[/strike] move totes into the human player station during auto.

Can you please point to the rule saying human players (or drivers) cannot touch the totes during auto?

There actually isnt a direct rule about totes, only G33 which talks about litter being introduced only during teleop. Someone should ask on the Q&A.

G19. To clarify, the rule doesn’t say you can’t touch the totes but since you can’t go past the starting line you can’t move totes into the human player station during auto which I believe was relevant to OPs question.

Section 3.2.1 - Safety
G6-1 DRIVE TEAMS may not use any object to prop the CHUTE DOOR open.

So if the HUMAN PLAYER’s hand slips off the handle while the tote is still underneath, so that the CHUTE DOOR is propped open by the TOTE, your team is disqualified? Seems a bit harsh.

I would be really surprised if this happened. Unless it was intentional & affected game play.

Might be worth asking the Q&A for a clarification. That does seem harsh, though maybe if it’s an accident then it’s not the drive team propping it open but rather “luck” or something propping it open.

And there’s really no benefit to the alliance if this happens, since the chute is now completely blocked by a tote. So I really doubt the refs would call that, especially if the human player immediately rectifies the situation.

Please check the Team Update called The Noodle Agreement. It specifies a new change about this topic.

From our experiments, once that tote starts to slide out, it’s not stopping. We don’t have the real door setup, but I really doubt that it would be able to “pin” the tote like that.