could use some programming help.

well noone on our team wants to do programming, probably because they’ve seen too many monster garage / american chopper…
they all want to be builders and not be a nerd programmer… which p*sses me off cuz now i have to program, anyways …

is there a “how to” for year 2005 yet?
i have the 2004 one, but havent been able to find something usefull yet.

so all u guys out there is there a basic getting started page, or how to change the default code to make the bot autonomious…or something easy since i only know basic c++

thanks guys =]

Thats unfortunate, maybe some of them will relize that programming is just as important as building the robot. They can connect all of the motors and sensors that they want, but without the programers it would all just be dead weight! Maybe you could threaten to strike if you dont get more programmers :stuck_out_tongue: (jk, even if you are the only one, you can set an example that programming is more then just “nerd” coding without taking drastic measures.

I’m in a little bit of an odd position, programming is my true passion but since I’m also a veteran at building components such as the drivetrain of my robot, im kept busy with that and really haven’t gotten a chance to look at the code. But it is to my understanding that all of the 2004 ppt tutorials found here ( are still applicable to the new code. I found this to be the easiest way to learn the basics of programming the robot.For more advanced topics look on Kevin’s site. ( for information on gyros, encoders, etc.

I hope this helps, if you want, I will look at the 2005 code and write an annotated code segment for basic autonomous operation and robot control.

Mmmmm gyros

Thanks alot dude… Now I got a lot of reading to do. sigh :o