Could you connect the CTRE Power Distribution Panel with more than 8 falcon 500 motors?

I just read team 254’s 2021 technical binder and found out they have 15 falcon 500 motors. How did they connect all of those motors in to a single PDP?

You can use up to 16 ports on the PDP you used to not* be able to use 40A breakers in the smaller ports but the falcon will still work just fine on a 30A breaker.

*They now have 40A breakers that work on the smaller ports (still requires 12ga wire)

They were almost certainly using the 30A ports for the non-drivetrain Falcons. Since these drove the intake, indexer, and shooter, they were lower load and could draw fewer amps than the drivetrain motors. That gave them 16 ports, which was all they needed to make this work. Of course, these days even that’s not a problem if you use the Rev PDH, which has 20 ports than can take 40A breakers.