Could you help us figure out what this is?

We’re stuck on figuring out the exact name of this item. Any help would rock.
Image here.


Looks like a FIRST made custom hub for the Skyway wheels that came in the kit years ago to me.

That is exactly what it is. You used to put that hub on one side the wheel, and a sprocket on the other, and bolt through the two.

Also, to the best of my knowledge, they’re no longer available for purchase and are not legal COTS items. Don’t use them.

The rules for usable items from past games has changed this year; if the drawings for this part are available it can still be used legally by rules <R34>:

<R34> Parts custom-made for FIRST and provided to FRC teams in the Kit Of Parts for previous FRC competitions (e.g. 2006 FRC transmissions, custom-made motor couplers, custom sensor strips, FRC CMUcam II modules, etc.) may be used if the part is still functionally equivalent to the original condition and:
A. The part is now generally available as a COTS item from an accessible source, or
B. All information required to fabricate the part (e.g. complete drawings, materials list, Gerber Files where appropriate, etc.) is openly available, such that any team could fabricate the part (or have it fabricated for them).
Otherwise, such parts are prohibited from use in the 2010 competition.

So I guess the question is did FIRST (or whoever made this) ever release the full drawings for it? If not is illegal as Madison said.

Oh my gosh I’ve been looking for that everywhere!
That’s the coupling to an automatic Carshlink Photon Pistol!
How much do you want for it?!

I saw it first!

haha, I have seen these lying around our shop, and never really knew what they were…
now, finally, on one of the last days of build season, of my last year on the team…I know haha