Could you make it on?

Our platform for robot lifting is currently designed with a square lip approximately 1" tall on the edge.

How many robots will be able to get on this? How many can get on, but with the added danger of a running start?

A picture of what I’m talking about can be found here

How wide is the ramp? I can’t tell if this is the short or long end of the robot. The cables may interfere with bumpers depending on the width.

The platform is 32 inches wide and the widest point of the diamond plate wheel tracks and the inner gap is 16 inches wide. The cables are a little less than 36" apart, the aluminum crosspieces they are attached to are exactly 3’ long.

We are already aware that for a wide driving robot it will likely be impossible to fit on the platform.

We could do that easily because of our transmission…and your very well built ramp. But we also have a ramp so…yeah

That would be quite difficult for our omniwheeled bot to get up but it may be possible if we hit it just right.

We can do that with no problems.

Not only can we make large angled ramps, we can drive onto a 4 inch platform.

Is your robot design to lift wide or narrow aspect? Or both? Ours can lift both but maybe the panels where the wheels go are too small.

If a wide robot can fit it is welcome to, but due to the width of the panels, 32" max" and the cables, 36" apart max, we recognize it is HIGHLY unlikely that any wide driving robot will be able to fit inside.

Our bot will fit fine. We use bumpers as a slight ramp to allow our low riding drivetrain to get over lips.