Could Your CD Contain Corn?,aid,112979,src,ov,00.asp

Wow! This is cool…Corn…CD…Food?..Maybe they will include Nutritional Facts for Weight Watchers. Maybe. On a serious note, this will be a great for the environment. Thoughts?

I think this is awesome. Like other new technologies I expect that we wont see this product readily available in the marketplace for a few more years as they find ways to bring the prices down. I wonder how they compare in quality and scratch resistance to the normal plastic cds.

I’m gonna buy the first Korn CD made from Corn and be rich when I sell it in 20 years from now on ebay as a collectors item!

…except then it’d only have 30 years left on it. :smiley:

Technically, this is a DVD :wink:
[edit]nevermind, THIS is a DVD[/edit]

I want my stuff to last though. CD-Rs die after about 4 or 5 years as it is… I don’t think I’d want it biodegrading on a shelf somewhere.

They coated the CD with resin…and I thought I could eat the CD. I guess it’s not edible anymore :(. But, now, you can’t break 'em.

Wow! The CD/DVD could store up to 25 gigs. That’s like a handy mini hard-drive. Except, I wouldn’t want my CD’s to biodegrade either. I am not sure how they are going to promote the CD if it is only going to last for a finite amount of time.