Count the Rivets!

This year, at the Championaship, Team 1501 will be bringing the ever popular ‘Count the Rivets’ contest. Guess how many rivets are in Team 1501’s robot and you could win a 1 gig MP3 player.
The contest is simple, the closest to the actual count, without going over, wins. Hint: The total is NOT 1501. Only one person knows the actual count…Me :smiley:
The MP3 player is sponsored by
See you at the Championship,

ooo sounds cool

is there a picture of the 1501 robot somewhere? I looked on the THRUST home page, didn’t find any links to pictures…

I like rivets :slight_smile:

Rules are no pictures on the website until after the season is over ;-). Actually until after the robot is shipped. So the kids should be posting some shortly.

Here is a picture.

And some videos:

Low quailty YouTube version: Stream Video Version 2.0

Low quailty Windows Media: Download 5.3MB video 256/Kbs WMV(recommend right click download)

High quailty MPEG2 version: Download 124MB video MPEG-2 DivX Version 2.0(recommend right click download)

:eek: You’re lying, aren’t you. It’s a plot to keep the mp3 player for yourself. :ahh: Well, I’m onto you. Expect someone to guess 1501, and know that that person will take home the prize.:yikes:


Thats my guess. I did a rough count, and thats my aproximation.

The guessing will commence at the Chanpionship :smiley: So hold your guesses.

We will be taking guesses Thursday and Friday. We will give out the prize Saturday morning.

Got rivets? We do.

The final count was…1614 rivets :ahh:
The winner of the MP3 player was Mike McGeorge of Team 1506 with a guess of 1486. Congrats Mike

and of course the irony of this is that anyone who had guessed 1501 would in fact had won, just because its even closer…


and they also went and swapped out the rivets on Thursday…just to make it more confusing…

Lol…our 2 sets of wings were identical in the sense of how many rivets we had, so we didn’t cheat. :stuck_out_tongue: The only difference was our holes we created in the new wings with dimples to increase traction. :slight_smile:


It sure was nice talking with you, and thanks for the great picture!

Do you guys ever have problems with riveting tools breaking?

If so: How many do you go through per season?
If not: What brand do you use?

1501 has the same pop riveter guns from 2005

And im not sure what brand they are?

We… don’t

We’ve broken 4 in the past two years…

what did you guys do with them besides rivet?

Well… our practice Rack had to get built somehow! :ahh:

Actually. We just rivet with them. We don’t come close to the number of rivets as you guys. We broke two last year (I don’t even remember what was riveted) and two this year. The only parts riveted was our lexan armor, parts of our gripper and our OI.

You guys use well over 1000 rivets each year and don’t break any!

We must be doing something wrong, or using the wrong brand of rivet guns.

here’s a closeup of one of their rivet guns, looks like a nice one! not the normal pot metal junk that we use

(btw, if you 1501 guys want some more pics of yourselves working in the pits, let me know, I have about 10 mb worth or so!)

Do you guys ever have problems with riveting tools breaking?

If so: How many do you go through per season?
If not: What brand do you use?

The blue one is the origianal rivet gun. We have been using it since 2005
I would estimate that it has put in over 1000 rivets. We use a pneumatic one for the heavy work :slight_smile:
Of all the robots, we have used over 5500 rivets :ahh: