Countdown to Build Season!

it is SO close, and i am shaking all over. Build season is the best time of the year. Better than christmas because the presents are cooler, and better than new years cause you get to stay up later :wink:

so for anyone who, like me, looks at a clock every few second and recalculates the exact time till build season, i made a nice countdown timer. its an swf file, so i had to zip it first. you can see it at the team 422 webpage by going to

your teams webmaster should know how to put it on a website easily, and if you just want to view it at home, open it with your browser and it will work.


but seriosuly, good luck to all the teams during build season, and let the countdown begin! (22.8 KB) (22.8 KB)

116 has had timers for all sorts of stuff on our website for a while now :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, in case you were wondering how long until the 2002 kick-off :rolleyes:

It looks ok, nice try; Also what time zone is it for? I think it’s an hour off.

It’s just a tad hard to read, the bright green font on the dark green / other colored background that is.

I made a countdown to kickoff that can be used with the Yahoo Widget Engine a few weeks ago… But I’m not sure where I put it.:yikes:

Kickoff is 9am EST i think. burkey_turkey is from VA so I assume it EST. In that case the clock has the correct time.

Kick-off is 10 AM

Kick off starts at 10am. Your local kick off might require you to be there at 9am.

i really pity those in Hawaii who need to watch kickoff at around 4 in the morning…

Let’s see:

Connecticut is 2.5 hours from Manchester.
I will be at Kickoff at 7am.


It’s hard to organize an unofficial kickoff at your house, when it starts at 7am.

Good reason to get up early in the morning!

relaxes in chair

It’s nice living 20 minutes away from Manchester :smiley:

Actually, it starts at 4:21pm LMST* That is nice and late in the afternoon, so you should be able to sleep in. :rolleyes:

*LMST = local mean solar time, Gusev Crater, Mars - local time equivalent for 15:00:00 UTC, day 54106 MJD.

I feel bad for all you west coasters. All of us on the east cost get to sleep in an extra few hours before we begin 6 weeks of little sleep.

It might actually be more fun that way…

Don’t feel bad for them, they get three extra hours of build time!

Why sleep when you can anxiously stay up, pull an all-nighter? besides, this will help get you acclimated to no sleep, the caffeine, and nervousness. :yikes: :smiley:

Im gonna sleep for the next 5 days and that way I dont have to sleep all build season.

Man. I wish sleep was cumulative like that… Just save up your sleep hours before you actually need them =P

I would spend all of winter break sleeping so I can go the next 6 weeks without it.

Or like sleep a month and stay awake for the rest of the year.

Israel gets their kickoff at 5 PM. I’d hate to have to wait that late in the day to find out the game.