Countdown to Kickoff, in Pictures!(56k Warning)

Feel free to post several pictures on the same day.

66 Days!

Justin, you stole my picture!:wink:

Nice picture, BrendanB.

So I thought that this would be appropriate thinking that it is technically Saturday.:rolleyes:

I’m confused by the title of the thread to be (not-so) honest.
What is this “56k” you speak of?? :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, when should the cut-off be? You’d think by 2009 everyone would be on board. Hmmmm

Figure I should chip in today. 63 is my defunct FTC team number.

^Rebuilt Robot on WI Winning Alliance 2008 :smiley:

I miss owning that many Vex parts. A lot.

Actually 60 days!

In honor of veterans day…

Thank you to all men and women that have, and continue to fight for our freedom.

link here…

DDG 59 “U.S.S. Russell”

Apropos both to Veterans Day and to my surname :smiley:

Here’s the link, it doesn’t want to post it for some reason.