Counting Power Cells in the robot

So…how are the referees going to count Power Cells in our robot, if it ends up being a box that they come in one end, and out the other?

I haven’t seen a thread about this yet, maybe I missed it?

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X-ray vision


I suppose they can count how many you picked up, but they probably won’t be constantly focusing on your robot. I guess unless it is obvious (like shooting 8 balls or so at once), then the rule will be hard to enforce.

This will be a difficult penalty to call. I suspect we’ll see it called very inconsistently and that will cause some frustration for teams.

Everybody needs to remember during those moments that it isn’t the refs fault. It’s an impossible thing to enforce consistently.


If they see a robot shoot >5 balls without picking up any extras in between they can call it.

Overall, I agree that this will probably be hard for refs to call.


I would guess the LRI might let the Head Ref know which robots are capable of holding more than 5 and the refs may keep an eye on those. If those teams start benefiting consistently from holding more than 5, the refs will pick up on it.


Don’t forget the Mark 1 Eyeball.

Seriously, make it as easy as possible for a random observer to tell from 25’ away. Please and thank you!

But I thought my only job in life was to count the number of power cells

Use opaque materials for your indexer. Now you see it, now you don’t!

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I’m gonna guess that penalty will be more called during unload than it will be called during intake.

Hmm… an opaque indexer and a full auto command that stops at five slowdowns of the flywheel… no one would do that, would they?

Fixed. If it still doesn’t work, it’s the Dirty Harry “Do you feel lucky?” clip.


Yeah for sure lol but teams that can’t program that can’t keep that from happening. Also your video won’t play for me so not sure what it is.

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On the one hand, the power cells are bright yellow. On the other hand, most cell storage mechanisms on robots are probably not transparent.

I think the most likely cases for a G6 being called would be when intaking from the station and when retroactively when shooting.

For those who were around for 2012, how consistently was the >3 basketball penalty called?

I was around in 2012, There was definitely calls when it did happen. However from what I remember most teams didn’t violate the rules. They would be watching when a robot is picking up balls or when they are shooting it. Remember there is 5 Refs usually watching the field and positioned in each corner. In the case of our 2012 year robot it was well obvious when we had control of the balls and how many we had, I obviously can’t say that will be the case with most bots on the field.

Also if a 6th ball is controlled unintentionally they will most likely not call it. If you actively try to get rid of it you will be fine. However if you are actively picking up 6th or more power cells with the intent of controlling that many to shoot, the refs will notice and call accordingly. Of course as always the call is the ref’s discretion, so it is hard to say how they will call certain situations.

I personally don’t believe this will be to hard for the refs to call. Reason being 1) this isn’t the first game to have a game piece limit with balls. And 2) All scoring is controlled by the FMS Automation except for parking in end game. I suspect the refs will mostly being watching for fouls/tech fouls/ and penalties during a match, and this will be something they will look for.

Again this is just my opinion, I could be completely wrong with what and how they will call it.

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A good example would be this:

Watch 1690 line up as they move towards the Power Port. They are currently in their Trench. A Power Cell shot from their partner missed the Port and it bounced into 1690’s hopper.

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