County Championship in Royal Oak this Saturday

Well, the 2003 OCCRA Championships are finally here; Our host for the event is Chuck Gosdzinski and the Royal Oak robotics team. We remind all teams that there will be a concession stand offering food, drinks and snacks. Royal Oak Kimball High School is located on at 1500 Lexington Blvd.; it is on the east side of Crooks Rd. between 13 and 14 Mile Rd. You should take the driveway on the north side of the high school (not the light at Lexington) and enter the building from the north side. There will be signs and a map is attached here for your convenience. We ask the set-up crew to arrive between 7 and 7:15A.M. Saturday. We will try to have the robot inspection start at 8, the drivers’ meeting by 8:45 and the welcome remarks and anthem at 9 (I know it’s unlikely, but it could happen!). The double-elimination matches will probably start around noon. If you invited VIP’s from your school district or corporate partners, remember to let Sherry Kuchon know so that they can get registered and shown the reception room and the special seating area. ( We are down to our last green powerball, so we may need to borrow one from one of you teams (has anybody scored the powerball in a goal yet?) The first 2 matches for each team will be seeding matches then, after a 5 minute break, we will call on the team captains from the top 12 seeded teams to come out onto the field and announce their choice for alliance partners. The top 6 teams are not allowed to choose each other. If a team declines an offer, they are through for the day. The placebo (sub-bot) will be available for the seeding matches.

See the attached file…

The bottom of the map is getting cut off for some reason; Crooks road should be visible across the bottom of the map.