Couple of questions about the field and game

This is my first post
Was just wondering what the angle of the incline of the bumps in the arena are?
Just to clearify, the robot must climb up the tower itself, correct?

Thanks for any respones
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I hate to be “that guy” but you really need to read the manual, Im sure it will answer all of your questions, and thus I won’t answer it here. The information your looking for would be found in the arena documents and drawings section.

Yup. Please, just read the manual through once or twice. It’ll answer many questions you have, answer questions you didn’t know you had, and possibly even invoke some more questions (thats why you should read it twice :smiley: )

If after reading it, you still have questions feel free to post again :slight_smile:

You can learn most of that from math, game designs and the animation but the short answer is 45 degrees and yes they have to climb themselves or hang off another robot who is above the plane.

The manual doesn’t specifically state the angle of inclination for the bumps. Using the field schematics (specifically GE-10047), I’ve calculated that the angle of inclination is about 45 degrees.

It should actually be a little shallower than that, as the ramps are extending from the base plates, and not from the floor, so subtract 1/4 or 1/2" from the ‘rise’ of the ramps. the ramp top is 12 " from the main floor surface, as far as I can tell.

(see 6.2.3)

Rules show 45. But ill go check my math :wink:

I used 12" as the height of the ramp from the floor.

i know. What height did you use from the floor to the bottom of the ramp? it’s not 0.

I read the schematic wrong. I’ve attached a screen shot of the side view of the bump. Since the dimensions for the sides of the triangle are 10.25" x 10.25", the angle of inclination from the point the bump stops going vertical is 45 degrees, although there is a transition up onto the bump structure from the floor itself.




that helps alot, and also shows that the 12" height /is/ in fact measured from the base plates and not the floor.

There is another picture missing from the picture posted before. There are plates that go onto that, that make it flush to the ground so there is no bump up onto the ramp it goes straight from the flat floor to the incline.

If this picture is accurate the gap between the ground would be over 2 inches but I’m pretty sure this is wrong not to put down your information.

According to the competition manual there is approximately a 1/2 inch distance between the level playing field and the incline of the bump. Just thought I would put in my two cents since I was curious as well

Please see field drawing GE-10047 and you will see that there is no bump from the field to the incline of the bump!