Couple of questions?

Hi teams,

I had a few questions that team 1875 was wondering about the game.

Do you know if we can control/tap your opponents balls?

Can you pass balls over the center divider?

Does a trackball have to make a complete lap to get points of does it have to just cross one of the finish lines?

Is it considered trapping if you pin your opponents balls in teh corner without touching them?

Thanks for answering these questions guys and good luck with your robot:)

Most of those questions can be answered from reading the manual.
In order of the questions, rule <G29>,
There is no rule saying you can’t,
Rule <G12> and <G13>,
and finally just look at the Possessions Definition for the last question.

Lets see,

for the first one I am not sure, I think you can but you would be scoring for them so thats not so smart

Yes, you can pass the ball over the center divide, but that seems like a lot of work to do,

And you only score points for having both the robot and the ball cross YOUR finish line, not both (the only time you get points for scoring through their finish line is in hybrid mode,

And finally, I think blocking their ball is probally illegal and stupid because if your blocking their ball then you cant be scoring!

Check the rules but I think these are all right!

I would check the references given above, so you can determine which of these answers were wrong.