Couple of things!

Hey Everyone! How is the regionals going on for you and your team? I just wanted to touch base on a couple of things, a review if you must.

  1. Please search before you post! There are a lot of questions that everyone is posted (trust me, I have done it about twenty or so times) and they have already been ask or there is already a thread made for it. Please search before you post a new thread! Search

  2. Post threads in the according forum! Websites and talks about a certain regional or thank you, should be posted in the Website Design/Showcase, Regional Competition,Thanks and/or Congrats. I say this because it just clutters up the forums and does not make sense to talk about pictures from the NJ regional in the General Forum.

  3. I have heard some people being real nasty towards other members. That is just wrong. It bring the whole morale down and does not accomplish anything. It doesn’t show the spirit of GP and helping each other. I follow two simple rules. 1. Don’t do anything that your Grandmother wouldn’t do and 2. If it is going to hurt someone’s feelings, it is probably best not to say anything at all.

I just wanted to give my $0.02. ChiefDelphi was established so that we could all work together and accomplish tasks with help and assistance from other teams and also to have some fun. You don’t want that taken away do you, I sure don’t. Thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck at the rest of the competitions.