Course tolerances

Posted by Erik Justen.

Engineer on team #128, Cold Fusion, from Grandview Heights and The Ohio State University/American Electric Power.

Posted on 2/7/2000 10:23 PM MST

Someone posted this a while ago, but I couldn’t seem to find it.

Does anyone know where I can find tolerances for the course dimensions? Someone specified +/- 1
inch, but I can’t seem to find that number anywhere in the documentation. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Posted by Nate Smith.

Other on team #66, GM Powertrain/Willow Run HS, from Eastern Michigan University and GM Powertrain.

Posted on 2/8/2000 8:32 AM MST

In Reply to: Course tolerances posted by Erik Justen on 2/7/2000 10:23 PM MST:

It is +/- 1 inch, and is noted on the blueprints for the playing field available at