Courses in SOLIDWORKS, programming, and more this summer! - InspireNC STEM Academy

Hi CD! I’m proud to announce the start of the InspireNC STEM Academy, a new summer program being hosted by InspireNC to help middle and high school students get involved with academic competitions such as FRC and the olympiads! Our courses include but are not limited to SOLIDWORKS CAD, Electrical Engineering, Python, C++, Java, etc. All of these courses prepare students not only for success in the classroom, but also equip them with the skills they need to excel in a variety of academic competitions such as FRC, Science Olympiad, the USA Computing Olympiad, and many more!

Students in our SOLIDWORKS course even get a free license until February 2022 in order to help them prepare for certification in the software!

Starting on 2021-06-20T04:00:00Z, our courses will run 6 weeks long with 2, one hour-long class sessions per week. Each of these courses will be taught by students who have much experience in their respective subject areas. More information about our program, along with individual course syllabi, can be found on our website:

Our classes start at just $120 for 6 weeks and are risk-free for the first week after they start. Be sure to sign up ASAP to take advantage of our early bird pricing, ending on 2021-06-06T04:00:00Z!

NOTE: These courses are not FRC-specific; rather they teach fundamental concepts that can be applied to FRC and much more!