Cows are cool.

Hey Everyone!
Now that we are all buzzing with the excitement that inevitably comes with regionals, I wanted to extend some of our team’s enthusiam and thanks to all the teams that have joined the FIRST Interactive Rural SupporT network. At our first competition of the season, Annapolis, we recognized teams 7,25,134,303,333,365, and 639 with certificates in honor of mentorship. Welcome to the family! We look foward to each of your unique contributions.
One of the main objectives of this endeavor is growth;if your team isn’t involved yet, we encourage you to join. The Rural SupporT network is for all teams, rookie and veteran, rural and urban. We are coming together to share strengths and to serve as resources for each other in order to maximize the FIRST experience for the entire FIRST community. Click the Rural SupporT link at to learn more.
And to anyone who saw our pit display at Annapolis and is wondering how we managed to get it, being the small farm team that we are, I say, consider it inspiration. If you want something badly enough, through fundraising, teamwork, and lots of determination,you can make it happen. Hey, if we can do it, anyone can. Some teams have cities and places to go on weekends. We have cows.
Tell us your team’s success story, what has been your biggest challenge?

Given that there are three kinds of areas in PA: urban, which is self explanatory; rural, which has more cows than people; and extremely rural, which has more deer than cows or people, and that we are in an area of the latter type…may we still join with you???

You’re doing a great job! Nice show at Annapolis. Keep going strong for the remainder of the season. We’ll see you in Jersey.

Team 84 is already part of the Rural Network. Thanks to Steve Suho for getting 84 involved. The “member” listing is here:

I like Cows, there are some in North Brunswick, near BMS :stuck_out_tongue: wow when i am tired i make no sense

Cows are tasty too-

especially between a bun with cheese and a large diet coke on the side

BTW- extremely, extremely rural (my town) means that there are more turkeys than either deer or cows and people with dogs are usually carrying guns

I think big mike or Wayne C. should tell our success story, as they’ve been through it all in the past 4 years.

Well 103, we are ALWAYS willing to help spread first. Your rural support group has been a model for a current project of ours, and you’ll be sure to hear about it soon. I’ll post one sample logo for a quick teaser of our current project:



Let us know what we can do to help Replic!

You’d think even with your old principal, we’d be able to help some teams out like you… darn lack of funding.

Yeah, I think in PA suburbia, it’s the birds (robins, pigeons, and some morning doves) that outnumber people…