CowScout Showcase: User / Team Mana

Hi all, sorry this video doesn’t show off any particularly cool features, but it does provide insight into how CowScout’s multiuser system works.

I have to wait 5 hours before I can use it? Aww. Looks cool! Great job!

Does it release earlier for us if we live on the east coast…:smiley:

EDIT: Also, a question that’s probably been answered in another topic, how does it handle public data from multiple teams at the same event, ie. multiples of the same match from different teams? Does it list all the matches in order, or does it like, separately list them by team?

No fair! I still have to wait 4 hours, and i’ll probably be asleep by then! Grr. Looks like I’ll have to see it in the morning.

I THINK, from the video above it associates the user accounts with the team number they are on. Therefore, the inputs can only be 6 per match.

I think the question you might be trying to get to is, How does the system handle public data inputs for the same match? Meaning team XXX has 6 members scouting and enters data while team YYY does the same. Are the values compared against each other and averaged? Is it the first data inputted via time stamp?

Branching off of this, is there a way to compare your team’s collected data vs. the public data from other users? This would serve as quality control. I am sure that many of these questions will be answered as soon as CowScout is launched, but until then…

If you’re scouting an event you have the option to look at both public and private data. Public stats are determined by averaging the inputs. So if Team A says Team X score 6 widgets in match 2 and Team B says Team X scored 8 in match 2 then the ‘public’ data would say that Team X scored 7 widgets in match 2.

Each team has the option of sharing their scouting data with the public pool or keeping it private. The public data is anonymous, meaning we don’t advertise the number of teams scouting an event or which teams are contributing data. Because of this you can’t see a specific team’s scouting data.

Alright, that answers my question, thanks.

well done I’m the PR rep of my team and I definately enjoy the format and ease of which you can navigate the info. will it be game specific or overall number of points scored by each team?

Will there be an iPod/iPhone client? IMO that would be very useful to help share/upload data.

I believe the app was designed with mobile browsers in mind. Which means at a regional without wifi, an iPod might have issues.

Off topic a bit, but Jon are the passwords hashed? or in plain text?

I would like to suggest an Android based app as well, if you do decide to put out an Ipod/IPhone app.

Although I will say, I used my Android Phone’s Web Browser to explore some of it. It worked fine, so IMO there really is no need for a specific app, other than a convenience.

There are currently no plans to develop native apps for CowScout as you would still need an internet connection to access data. The site was written to be mobile friendly and if you use your iOS/Android device the site will look and function almost exactly like it would on a desktop.

Yes passwords are hashed.