CowTown ThrowDown in KC, MO on June 14th 2008

Greetings! You worried that you might not have anything to do in the heart of the Midwest this summer??? Worry no more!!!

On June 14th, Kansas City’s own CERNER Corporation and Lee’s Summit High School (Team Driven #1730) are hosting the inaugural Cow Town ThrowDown. CERNER is providing an unbelievable amount of support and they are opening their magnificent facility for the first 24 Teams to compete in the OverDrive game.

Please go to to get more information and to sign up. Over half of the field is already filled so please sign up quickly.

So, if you are close to the Kansas City, Missouri area and want to have a lot of fun, please join us at this terrific venue. And, if you are not close to Kansas City, sign up anyway and we will help you get situated so you too can compete with us.

Take care and we hope to see you here on the 13th and 14th.


Team 1987 is going to be there! Looking forward to it!!
Also, our sister school 1986 is going to be there.
I can’t wait!

What is the cost to enter this event?

I am sorry for overlooking this; the website has not been completely updated yet. The cost is $200 and additional details are in the Competition Info .
Thanks for your interest.

Special Thanks go out to Andy Baker and Mark Koors of AndyMark for bringing the field to the Cow Town ThrowDown June 14th in Kansas City. It’s going to be GREAT to have you two there. You all are so important to the FIRST robotics scene. I really appreciate all that you do.

Keep up the GREAT work!!! :slight_smile:

I believe that as of May 19th, only 12 teams are signed up for this event. The problem is that Cerner needs 18 teams signed up to actually host this event and make it worth while. Team 1986 is signed up and really look forward to competing. But we would really like another 5 teams, at least, to sign up. And I’m looking forward to pick up where we left off in Kansas City.

Edit: Also attached is an informative pdf file with even more information.

CTTD_Info Packet.pdf (414 KB)

CTTD_Info Packet.pdf (414 KB)

Team 1098 is having a meeting Thursday to make a final decision about this event. I think we will be attending but we found out about it from the this post so we are a little behind in getting out team together.

It may be worth the time of the orginizers to directly contact teams from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Oklahoma. Iknow that is much easier said than done and the orginization of the event must be a huge job all by itself. I just happened to get on CD and found this.



Team 1939 is trying to find the bodies to go. We have 12 people on our team and only 3 or 4 are going to be in town. And our coach/teacher just found another job. (if you know of a physics/chemistry/FIRST coach send them to ) The driver and programmer can make it, but we don’t really have any of the build crew in town to fix problems. Still trying to figure out if we can compete with 3 team members,2 newbies, 2 alumni, and 3 mentors.:confused:


Hi Ann,
I can assure you all of us in attendance will be there to help you if you need help. The Lee’s Summit teams will have plenty of tools and members so if anything breaks we can sure offer you, and all others, anything we have. :):slight_smile:
Tom Hand

Thanks Tom,
That’s why I love FIRST.
We’re still working it out. We are also competing with ACT’s so that throws in an extra wrinkle.
I’m still hoping we can do it.


I am really looking foreward to this event. It looks like it is going to be an amazing first annual. If you run into some roadblocks we are here to help. Thanks to Cerner again for everything! I hope to see tons of you all out there!

I wish that we could go to KC again. This sounds like its going to be a fun event. I understand that 1108 is now going. Is there a list of teams attending? Good luck to all the teams.

Here is the website with the list of teams attending
It’s a little out-dated, but should give you a rough idea.

It doesn’t look like 1939 will get to go.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: We just don’t have enough kids available to muster a team.
So Tom do you need any volunteers to help for Friday and/or Saturday?


Update: This is from the CT-TD site.

""Announcement: Due to busy Spring schedules and a lack of participation from teams, the CowTown ThrowDown will be postponed until Fall 2008.
The date will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

For updates and discussion regarding the CowTown ThrowDown check out the blog at""

We found that the ACT testing is incredibly important to FIRST robotics participants and having the event on the ACT test day is just not a workable idea. Please stay tuned for updates.

Thank you for all your support and interest.

Group, here is additional information from our friends at CERNER.

Important information regarding the CowTown ThrowDown


Due to scheduling conflicts and low team participation, the CowTown ThrowDown will be postponed until Fall 2008. Cerner and Lee’s Summit Team Driven are dedicated to the advancement of the FIRST community and want to ensure that the CowTown ThrowDown provides the level of competition and energy that teams are looking for. We are excited to see this event succeed in the Fall and will spend the summer making sure the competition provides the maximum benefit to the FIRST community.

We understand that each Fall brings an array of chaos as students come back to school, however, it is important to think about building your team and keeping students engaged in FIRST. The CowTown ThrowDown provides a perfect opportunity to recruit new team members and to allow your upcoming members field time. We also hope that this fun, low- key event will be the perfect opportunity for schools who are interested in FIRST to learn more.

There are many announcements to come over the summer (including the new date) and with school out of session, it can be hard to keep the lines of communication open. If you wish to receive periodic announcements regarding the CowTown ThrowDown, please email [email protected] with your preferred email address.

If your team is interested in competing in the Fall, send your registration form in and reserve your spot. Forms can be found on the website and emailed, faxed or mailed in. If you have already registered, we will hold onto your forms and checks until the Fall. No need to reregister.

Don’t forget to visit our website periodically for updates!

For questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected].

I am sad and relieved. I know some our kids really wanted to go, but we couldn’t make it. But now we can use it as a recruitment tool for next year. We can take some newbies out and give them a taste without them having to make a commitment first. Then we can implement our evil scheme to get them so hooked they have to come out for the build season. (insert evil laughter here):smiley:


Absolutely great news for everyone interested in the first Annual C.T.T.D.!!!

It has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 1st. The set up and check in will be the Friday before, October 29th. Some practice matches will occur Friday evening to get the field tested and get bugs worked out. I know Team 1986, Team Titanium will be attending, along with 8 other teams that will be there for sure. Another 9 teams are still deciding whether or not to attend.

If you are interested in attending or want more info, please email me and I will let you know anything and everything.

Oh, and before I forget, Andy and Mark from AndyMark will be attending. So if you want to meet those guys, then please attend.

Edit: You can also visit for registration information.

Woohoo!! I can’t wait!!
Team 1987 is attending as well!
Maybe we should start a new thread because of the date change. for more info!

Team 1939 will be there. Beware the bunny.