cpu and ram measurement

I am interested in folks’ opinions on the best (or easiest) ways to measure cpu usage and memory consumption by tasks on the cRIO. Do utilities (i.e. commands) already exist as part of the vxWorks image? Are there utilities that can be added for this purpose?

May I ask why you want this information? The cRIO has enough power to handle what you want to do in first. If it doesn’t, you are doing something wrong. If you are trying to make modifications to the vxWorks system, i would be careful to maintain compatibility with the FMS.

You can print the state of the memory in VxWorks by running the command memShow on the console. The CPU is a bit tougher. There is a spy API but it’s kinda tedious.


Thanks Joe. I found the documentation for spyLib here (http://www-kryo.desy.de/documents/vxWorks/V5.5/vxworks/ref/spyLib.html) This looks like it would be sufficient (similar to the top command in Linux).

How to include these libs which are not part of the standard c-RIO image is still a little fuzzy to me. Do I just add them to the ni-rt.ini file somewhere? Do I have to actually download the spyLib shared library and place it on my c-RIO? Or is it already there just waiting to be turned on?

They should be compiled into the kernel already.