CPU loop speed

Last year 1 loop on through the code on the CPU was about 1.36 secs (depending on amount of code). Now that the processor is faster is the time any different?

Is it changed at all?

(I don’t have a copy of the code handy, so please forgive small errors in function names.)

The “fast” loop, process_data_from_local_IO(), is essentially called again as soon as it returns, so it runs more often if it takes less time. Ours two years ago was quick enough to deal with polling digital sensors that changed every couple of milliseconds. The “slow” loop, Default_Routine(), is called every time there is a new communication packet available from the OI, approximately 39 times per second.

I have no idea where your “1.36 seconds” came from.

1.36!!! that is VERY slow… lol… i think the Default routine is called every 26.2 ms … but the actual loop time of other functions varies based on a lot of other factrs.

Sounds like the “other end” that you’re using to “measure” the “loop speed” isn’t accurate – note that serial ports don’t magically report data back in realtime…

The new controller (PIC18F8722) just boasts more storage all around, and does not improve on speed.

Who here has the latest progamming for the CPU Cam2?

Do you mean Kevin Watson’s code? You can find the latest version at his website www.kevin.org/frc