Cradling Basketballs

I it legal to have a spinning bar or spinning wheels at the back end of the robot to cradle balls on the ground as our robot is moving but not carry the balls? Similar to what some teams had during 2010, we would be able to bring balls around with us as we moved around the field but not actually “carry” them in our robot until we needed to score.



Yes, but they are considered to be controlled by the robot and are included in the maximum 3 you can have at any given time.

As long as your robot meets all the applicable rules, including the maximum 14" horizontal extension, and [G22] about only controlling three balls, sure.

It is legal, but that ball that you have there is going to count as one of the 3 balls that you are allowed to control.

That would be “herding” as per the blue box below rule [G22].