Craftsman New AXS Toolbox with Neons

Have you guys seen the new Craftsman AXS tool boxes? Wow…


Who’s got a craftsman sponsor? I wanna see one in your pit in 2009. Along with that iPod interface. Sweet.

Hmm they have a yellow/black color combo. Also an orange/black combo and a red/blue combo, for that matter. 45, 47, and 48 are covered. :wink:

They have a blue/brown combo (??) but no brown and gold/yellow combo.


That has nothing! on the New Kobalt ones! All the guys in my family drooled over it when we saw it at lowes!

I mean come on… a mini fridge, power strip and hooks, LED lights, Pioneer stereo system! I want!

I enjoy the fact that it says “The Cutting Edge of Tool Storage.”

I wasn’t aware there was a “cutting edge” in the storage industry.

I think I know a team that might have one of these on their “to order” list :wink:

Well the edges on the inside are rather sharp. I wasn’t paying attention when I was attaching the wheels to one and I slit my finger on a flange.

But I’ll take the one with the mini fridge. We always seem to out of bottled water in our outside fridge, so my own stash would be good after a hot day of mowing lawns.