Crashed my Omio


I have an Omio X 6 2200 epl orange box, i crashed it badly yesterday after the crash i reset and after that i could not get any cutting done , i have movement on X Y& Z it moves but on a very small plane and the Z does not plunge into the material it just stays on top of the surface, it goes to home position , i can zero it but that is where it stops . Would appreciate some help


Try turning the ballscrews by hand with the power off and check for binding. Does it sound like the steppers are stalling?


Did you completely restart, including restarting Mach3?


Hi all the ball screws are loose the machine jogs stop to stop goes Home, gets zero it just dont want to cut depth and to the program


I have the orange box machine and i run it with Aspire through a memory stick have loaded a few new programs and they all do the same


Check your wiring and make sure that nothing is loose. If nothing is mechanically binding, then the problem could be your wiring.


I have checked some of the connections but have to check it out properly, will remove and unplug the screen and processor today


I have checked all the connections and dont seem to have a problem there checked the voltage to the stepper converters 45 volt Dc voltage to the screen 24 v DC, i am starting to think that the processor has gone, i have changed the profile i was cutting and and there is no difference to the tool path it if cutting just a small rectangle