Crate design

My team is interested in putting a lock on our crate. Would it be allowed for the lock to be sticking out of the parameters of the crate if the crate itself is in the allowed dimensions?

Just out of curiousity…what would be the point of a lock? I really doubt anyone will be messing with it…and if they really want to a lock won’t stop a FIRSTer.

Our design was to have swinging doors so it would be easier to unpack once at the competition. In order to keep the doors closed at all times until we would need it, a lock would be needed.

We have used locks for the past four years, and never had a problem with them.

Haha I kind of agree with that. Im sure if someone actually wants to get to it, a simple padlock is not going to get in the way if there are thousands of dollars of robot on the other side

Zip ties might be better. Or just screw a thin piece of plywood, maybe 2 ft by 1 ft, over the door joint to keep it closed.

The lock will not stop anyone from getting inside, for several reasons. - the least of which is that most FRC teams have to tools to disassemble the crate in a jiffy.

Most teams use a lock(s) on their crate. Please keep in mind that the crates are going to be handled by fork trucks and freight handlers not the post office. If locks stick out they are going to catch on stuff and be pulled off or damage the crate.

We just screw our crate up tight.

But then, we’re good at screwing things up.


No comment…:yikes:

It is better then screwing around.

Or having a screw loose!

The coolest crate I ever saw was by the Grundy Va team.

It was made out of diamond plate aluminum and had those flush latch handles like are on the equipment doors of a fire truck.

You could search around and get those “twist” locks that are on the field boxes.
Those would be less bothersome then a lock, would hold it tight together, and be flush inside the crate, so there is no chance of it getting busted off