Crate Designs available

Not to put the cart before the horse, but a crate before a bot maybe:

Anyone out there have crate building plans IF a team ships via FEDEX to Houston? There are quite a few mentors out there that would benefit from the wisdom of others.

Memories of box day…

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I don’t know about inside the US but for non US teams there is a guide at FIRST’s website for shipping the robot

We are actually in process of building a new crate right now and were talking about posting the plans this summer.

We are replacing a crate we used for over 20 years with some improvements.

The design we use clamshells open after you remove the robot and becomes shelving for your pit. We came up with this back in the day when you shipped to every event and it saved us transporting shelving.

I can probably get the On-Shape posted quickly but the full whitepaper wouldn’t be out until after the season.

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Through the years, team 246 has created a variety of crate building documentation. Here’s a small selection to choose from:

Building a Basic Crate 2 - Chief Delphi

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Would love to see,.thanks for the offer!

Here are a few photos of the old crate and the new one in process

Front view of the old crate closed.

The old crate with the robot removal doors open.

Old Crate Close up of door hinges and Shelf supports

Rear of old crate clamshell hinges.

Old Crate clamshell open shelf install.

This shows how we actually ship the robot. We mount it to our cart with the wheels removed and the back slides into some hold downs and we bolt the front to the floor of the crate.

Here is the crate fully open in the pit at the championship in 2011 i think. This shows the shelves installed and ready for event use.

Here is the new crate in process of being built. You can see the old one behind it that is a bit hacked up due to a height requirement change a few years back.


Not Plans per say but this is the crate 1792 has been using for a while.

CAD: ShippingCrate.stp

Was even featured by FIRST once upon a time

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