Crate problems

Hey all,

We are building our crate for the first time this year and ran into a bit of a snag. We are wanting to notch the 4X4’s that the crate “sits” on but we were wondering if this is allowed. The rules say our crate must sit on a pair of 4X4’s but doesn’t say if we can have a lower ground clearance. Is this allowed?


It probably would not be a good idea, the purpose of the 4x4s is to allow room for a forklift to get under the crate and lift it.

I am not sure why you would want lower ground clearance. The 4x4 is not 4" and the crates are moved by fork lifts. Over the past nine years we have always used 4x4’s and have never had a problem.


We were going to put 2X4’s in the notches to support the bottom of the bot.


I wouldn’t leave any holes in the bottom. You don’t want a stray forklift spearing the bottom of your bot.

4x4, then a sheet of ply, then rails on top so the bot doesn’t ship on it’s wheels.

Since a 4x4 is really 3.25 inches I would make sure you have 3.25 inches of clearance at all points under the base of your crate except where the 4x4 touches floor. If you want to add a 2x4 to support robot under floor of crate and would also add a 2x4 to the 4x4. Take it from some one has driven a forklift for about 30 years. You want as much clearance under crate as possible.

Since the forklift needs at least that space to get under the crate to lift it up, I wouldn’t change anything. But, what you could do is put an extra piece of plywood in their, whether loose or on hinges, to act as a ramp for an easy way to get it out of the crate, if you are able to do that.
Remember, you will still have to lift your robot on and off of your cart so if your trying to avoid that, it’s kind of hard to.

Just trying to help out! XD