Crate Question

Can we keep the crate in the Pit Area as part of our display area as long as we keep in our 10 by 10 or what ever area?? We are unsure if there is a rule about it. Would like a quick answer please. Feel free to PM answer

Some teams choose to make their crate fold out into a series of shelves. My old team (177) did this last year… you can keep it there if you like, but most teams choose to remove it.


You can choose to keep the crate in the pit area. However, keep in mind that your pit area is only 10’ by 10’, and a crate is going to take a lot of space with a table already in that area. And you cannot take up space outside that little area.

If you want to repair the robot easily and allow multiple people in the pit working on the robot or laptop, you might not want to keep the huge crate in there.

You better tell them your choice before they stop moving the crates on thursday.