Crayola CAD

Team 4152 has benefited over the years from the wealth of experience on Chief Delphi. The past couple of years we’ve been working hard to really improve our skills. Thanks to our Techno Girls program we’ve got a very large (to us at least) subteam for CAD design and we’re working on creating training tutorials for the best practices we’ve seen. Crayola CAD is a technique that we’ve seen a number of teams use. This tutorial is how to set up the robot design for the season using Crayola CAD and setting up the subassemblies in different onShape documents. Hopefully this is useful for some teams. If you have other suggestions on how to manage CAD teams please feel free to share! If you do use this resource or any of our other resources, please send me a message so we can include it in our Chairman’s information.
Crayola CAD tutorial
Ian McTavish
4152 Mentor


Feel like any mention of Crayola CAD has to include @JVN’s blog post detailing how 148 does it