Craziest Fundraising Ideas You've Ever Seen

OK, this might get some interesting conversation goin. I want to know if any of you had done some far fetched stuff to raise money. For instance, at the Penn Challenge, I saw a girl walking around trying to sell lolli-pops, she had a sign taped to her back saying “help me get to Florida, buy a lollie-pop!” Now, that might not be strange enough, but we’ll see. So yea… lets get this going!

This isn’t a FIRST fundraiser but something our football and soccer teams do to raise money. They paint a grid on a field and have people buy plots for I don’t know how much money. Then on a certain day they have a horse go around and where-ever the horse “unloads,” that person gets like 1/2 the money and the other 1/2 goes to the team. They had a really great name for it but I can’t remember now.

PS: No, I don’t come from some rural place even if it sounds like it. Actually, its quite the opposite.

well, team 810 had an official officers meeting today (well, not really, just dan and max came over and we made the robot work again), but we did discuss fundraisers. while we were playing with the robot, dan set’s up a slalom in my driveway. so, naturally, we start doing runs. max does one, then i do, and after i finished, we’re like, wow, what a great idea for a fundraiser.

here’s how you would do it at school or somewhere. program in a failsafe switch. so, you have a driver standing there at all times, ready to hit it. when that switch is hit, everything stops, robot dies. then, you have people come up and pay $X to drive the robot. the person with the best time wins something (maybe a tv that gets donated, or somethign like that). if the person drives too far off course, or is going to crash into someone, the team driver hits the failsafe switch, robot dies, and then their turn is over.

the whole idea is very simple, and rather unique. and besides, it’s not everyday you get to drive a robot (well, unless it’s sitting in your garage… ;)).

We had the robot sitting in my friends garage for a while so we decided to do some “official” testing by pulling his Ford Ranger X-Cab down the street.

As for the fundraising idea, it’s great. I thought of that a month or so ago and would have done 50 events like you describe but one thing bothered me. I was concerned that somebody stupid would slam it from full reverse into full forward and break it. Your failsafe button idea is the solution. I would just hit it if they are driving it too hard. I think I’ll be borrowing our programmer, Punar, for a couple hours.

What would you charge for this type of thing. $2 for 30 secs of driving?

i’m not sure. we just seriously considered the idea tonight. we’ve tossed it around, but not really seriously. i’m not sure what the price would be, because some people wouldn’t care about it. but, if you make a tv the prize (or somethjing like that) it would be pretty cool. you’d be able to charge much more if you made a prize for the fastest time.

Our school system is going through a big switch, building a new high school while renovating the old one. Our team though that maybe we could charge X amount of dollars for Y amount of minutes to run throught the school and hit stuff with sledge hammers. ( like the simpsons episode) I think every kid and every alumni would what to take a whack. We are allready making up wavier forms so we don’t get sued .:smiley:

One of our team alumnus wants to let people take hits to his car with a sledge hammer for like $2. That would be fun :slight_smile:

That would be a lot of fun and everyone would do it however even with the waivers you’d get sued for way more than you would ever make. Also your school would earn a very bad reputation from local media.

Here’s my proposal. Take an old or cheap bench grinder and mount it on a table. Get some cheap pieces of steel (lets say steel pipe). Have the table with grinder down in the gathering area at lunch time at your school. Charge $2 for 30 secs of sending the steel pipe into the grinder making a showering array of sparks. The kids would love it and the sparks would draw a lot of attention.

This idea could actually be made safe by having a plexiglass or similar clear box over the grinder with a hole to put the pipe through.