Craziest pilot plays

This last week at Houston in match 91 on Newton we had our pilot fish a gear out of our robot after the climb to score the final gear for the forth rotor.

I was wondering if any other teams had some amazing pilot plays?

Whoa! That is crazy but is that a legal move? I am not usually the rules guy but it seems hard to believe that

S07. Keep your hands “inside” the vehicle at all times.

Allows this. Maybe the gear swung into the airship as the robot climbed???

Dr. Joe J.

That’s incredible! Amazingly quick thinking by your pilot. :ahh: :slight_smile:

Apparently someone at the drivers meeting asked the head ref about this specific instance and he okayed it. Good outside of the box thinking

We had asked a question at the drivers meeting on this maneuver after practicing it at our build space. We did not need the pilot’s hands to leave the airship in order to get the peg in the gear.

The ruling from Frank was that as long as the pilot didn’t manipulate the gear and their hands being outside the airship didn’t last for more than a short time then it was legal.

Unfortunately we never got a chance to pull it off in official play, just on the practice field, but it was awesome to talk to 997 when they did it after hearing the question!

1538 did a similar move on Galileo F3. It gave them just enough gears for four rotors…

The lift broke and the spring was just sitting in the airship. He ended up using the detached spring.

I can’t tell, did he use the lift carriage to fish the gear out, or was the gear close enough to just grab out of the robot?

Edit: Never mind, I see the answer now

I wonder why this doesn’t violate G26.

If you’re going to deliver GEARS, you have to use a LIFT. Any GEAR transferred from a
ROBOT to a PILOT during the MATCH must be done so via a LIFT.
Violation: TECH FOUL and a YELLOW CARD.

He still used the lift!

he used a part of the lift to transfer the gear. nothing specifies that the lift needs to be in the slide.

Oh wow! That’s awesome.

According to their team the move was never practiced before. It’s a shame the FMS didn’t count their last rotor in time.

I imagine if the scoring for Gears had been per Gear instead of stepped, we’d have seen more examples of Pilots doing crazy things to get that last Gear out. I’ve seen a couple examples of robots climbing on the near DAVITS deliver a gear accidentally by climbing with the Lift spring in the Gear they were carrying.

Please, please, please tell me you have video of this somewhere!

973’s pilot had a gear get stuck on a peg during Sacramento elims.

Naturally, he unscrewed the spring from the carriage and put the gear, spring attached, on the airship to spin the rotor.

I can’t remember the team number offhand (4XXX), but an HP in L.A. semis realized that he needed one gear for a particular rotor (#3, IIRC), and it was stuck on the lift. So he takes the gear, lift, handle, and all, puts it on the axle, and starts spinning up the rotor… for 40 points and the match win.

At Houston, our pilot stole a gear from the opposing alliance robot. The robot was not working but was near our airship. We pushed them to our peg and our pilot proceeded to steal the gear from their robot.

At the St. Louis regional, my team got a gear stuck in our feeder slot intake. The one time thing left the gear sticking half out the top of our robot, way to high to place on the peg. We drove over to the peg, our pilot pulled the peg up to the correct height, and we just placed the peg on the new height. Our pilot actually had to use some brute force to pull the gear out of the robot. Our whole team had no clue what happened because we had just driven behind the airship, placed the gear, and went back to scoring.

At the CHS Blacksburg event, our pilot was dropping a gear and successfully dove to catch it on its way out of the airship. No yellow card was assessed.