Craziest sponsor you have

Hey Guys,
I was curious, I am the PR rep for my team, whats the craziest sponsor you have?

this may be a dumb question, but crazy in what context?

Well, one of ours is Carolina Culinary Foods. They prepare chicken and beef and other such items for restaurants. A little odd at first glance, but all that machinery requires an engineer or two on the payroll. :wink:

(Getting a smidge crazier might require a trip to the past: Hooters donated a wings party for 10 to our auction our rookie year.)

I mean like non technological companies

Best I can think of for us is Sweetheart Cups, who gives us silverware and plates for our dinners.

I forget whether we (MOE) still have them as a sponsor this year, but for a while, we had a funeral home partially sponsoring us. :yikes:

And I think that’s pretty crazy.

We’re going for supercrazy next year. We’re gonna try and get this company “Fuchs Lubericant” To sponser us, for the sole purpose of saying Fuchs.

I don’t know if they are sponsoring us this year, but last year we had a company named PHE. They are an adult toy company.

i was watching a webcast of one of the regonals and remembered seeing
“snowbear frozen custard” mmmm…tasty :smiley:

our is probably Chipotle… yea it’s a mexican resturant that has almost nothing to do with engineering

We get to combine both of these - Chipotle’s and Adams-Green Funeral Home are both co-sponsors of Team 116 this year (along with NASA, SAIC, Dominos Pizza, and - gulp, I have to admit it - Dunkin’ Donuts).


one of the contributers that we (103) has is a local rug store.

we’ve got a law office sponsoring us. It’s not WAY out there, but it’s our “crazy” sponsor

We have a local funeral home as well as a dentist and a doctor.

We’ve had some odd sponsors-

Merrilee the Clown - oddly a past team parent (whole family of clowns!)- no jokes please!


Royal Hawaiian Creations ( - our perennial source of aloha shirts. They have never met us but apparently they hang pictures of our team in their office every year. They even watch the competition on the internet to see how we do!

WC :cool:

We don’t have any unbelievable crazy sponsors, so I’ll turn your attention to the CCNY/HSMSE FRC Team #1520, who nabbed Red Bull as a sponsor, so every day they worked on the bot, a red bull car would deliver a case :yikes:

We don’t have any particularly unusual ones, but 1823 from Portland has Voodoo Doughnut - famous (infamous?) for its Pepto-Bismol donuts and odd operating hours (10pm-10am).
They also perform marriages and give Swahili lessons.

A local carpeting store is our craziest…

As some may know, team 306 has a long list of small sponsors. The craziest of them include sewing shops, a potato chip company, a hair salon, our local hospital, an optometrists office, and a pizza shop. Our total sponsor list contains arround fifty to sixty small businesses from our town. The strangest to me is the hair salon, but the others are weidr too.

Really, the hair salon is the strangest?

I thought for sure that it would be the fish hatchery :slight_smile: