Crazy 2017 Build Season stories

We all have our crazy (and most likely hilarious) stories from every build season we’ve been apart of. I know I can name a few funny things that happened this build season.

Our programmers tallied the number of dirty jokes they could do in one day, totaling well over 100 (170 something I want to say… Not certain)

When we built our practice field for drivers practice, one of our airship perimeters was unfinished. So we used a bunch of chairs and turned them into a temporary obstacle, we called it the chair-ship (RIP Chair-ship, you will be missed)

I’ve done a similar tally with how many “bend over I’ll show ya” moments I could create during the school day. Let’s just say people get annoyed around the 77th “bend over I’ll show ya” :rolleyes:

Crazy story…after kickoff as we were discussing drivetrains, someone actually suggested that we not only use mecanum wheels, but EIGHT mecanum wheels. I kid you not.

Somebody was soldering the CAN bus wires on the SRXs, but instead of soldering all 4 in an “open loop” like you’re supposed to, they soldered 2 of them in a “closed loop.” Not only were there only 2 speed controllers, there were no open wires to connect to the PDP and roboRIO. When I pointed it out to them they were quite frustrated at their error.

And then you said no because meccanum wheels have never been on Einstein outside of 2015, RIGHT?!

My team got into a huge argument about the cup noodle situation. One member brought in a crock pot (go figure) to cook cup noodles in the lab. Though I shut it down pretty quickly, I don’t think I’ve heard the end of that one yet…

When our programing team was testing the auto code on the KOP bot, we forgot to check which way the front side was, we realized the small error after the robot went through a sliding closet door. ripping it right off the tracks LOL. it was a funny mishap.

One of the days we went to the practice field during the season and all of the other cars were full so I had to drive back the robot. I had to use the washroom, so I opened the car so my teammates can pack the robot in. What my teammates didn’t know, is that there was a trick to closing the trunk (the door handle thing had to be pushed back because the spring is broken), and when I got back to the car I forgot to check it as well. When I started driving I noticed that the light that turns on when the trunk is open lit up. Luckily I reacted fast enough and slammed on the breaks before our robot fell out.