Crazylegs isn't here to close the thread so I will post it

Yeah, thanks to a certain someone outside these forums, we got our spare drill casing. HOORAY! Thank’s everyone for your hospitality and we will remember it in the finals :wink: .

What both you and Crazylegs apparently failed to understand is that 90% of the members in this forum don’t know OCCRA from Okra – the mucilaginous green pod plant.

This is a FIRST robotics site provided by ChiefDelphi (Pontiac Central). They have graciously provided an OCCRA sub-section for exchange of information relating to the Oakland County, MI robotics competition.

Had you used followed proper procedure - put your posts where they belonged - you may have had greater response.

BTW – in case you commit another “my bad”, there’s a DeWalt service center located on the northwest corner of I-696 and Van Dyke.