CRC competition

Here’s an opportunity to keep your minds busy in the off season.

Basically CRC [Canadian Robotics Competition i believe] is like a small, local, low budget version of FIRST. I’m a FIRST guy myself but I’m helping out with my new [non-FIRST:mad: ] school’s team… at least until January when 296 gets me back. Anyway if anyone is interested in exercising their minds a little I’m open to suggestions. It may interest you to note that last year the CRC game was suspiciously close to Rack n’ Roll [it involved stacking foam inner tubes on vertical poles]. anyway here is a link to the 2008 rule book for the CRC

What does the supplied kit consist of?

Hmm, funny. I was part of the CRC last year (FIRST now, again), and I don’t remember if what was int he kit of parts lol.

The competition was pretty similar to last year’s FIRST game. A few variations, but it was identical.

Being from both competition, I can say that the FRC is a much cleaner and professional competition. CRC is a nice crude way of refining skills for robotics.

Though in CRC, the requirements are a Video, a theme, a themed pit and a website. If I could find pictures from last year I will show you guys.

umm offhand… i think it is limited to two drive motors and possible another two small ones… most robots end up being rickety affairs made of plywood and duct tape… in many pictures ive seen the drive motors are often two power screwdrivers turned upside down.
sigh i miss first

heres a picture