Create a district: Illinois/Midwest

Welcome to create a district. Where we create a hypothetical district using democracy!

Every week we’ll be voting on certain aspects of this particular district. From what the boundaries are, where events would be located, district championship, and even the name. For this game we’ll be doing the state of Illinois. (strictly because that’s where I live) Feel free to discuss the different choices as we make decisions. And remember, this is just for fun and we may not even be close to what an actual district would look like.

Also feel free to PM me with suggestions on things we’ll need to vote on. I’ll do my best to try and cover everything, but I’ll probably miss a few things.

With that let’s begin! We’ll start with the boundaries, obviously Illinois is part of this district, but we’ll be voting to see if other states should be in this district as well.

Should our district include Missouri? Voting closes 2020-03-28T05:00:00Z

  • Yes, Missouri should be included
  • No, exclude Missouri

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I definitely think Missouri is ready for districts. The GKC, Heartland, and Central MO regionals are all held in high schools with less than 40 teams so they’re basically already district events and teams are paying twice as much for the same experience district teams are getting. There aren’t a ton of teams outside of the KC and STL metro areas but the state isn’t that big and all of those teams are traveling a few hours to get to their regionals anyways.

I can’t really speak for the STL area but the KC metro is home to a lot of teams that are good, but not good enough to consistently win regional events when they’re up against the likes of 1986 and a few other local powerhouses. There are also quite a few teams that only attend one event each season. The lower registration costs associated with districts would eliminate that. I think that districts would be a great solution to most of the problems the area faces now. KC also has plenty of potential event venues.

I’ll add that letting Western MO teams into the district also necessitates letting in the few teams in Kansas, but I understand that isn’t what this post is about, and I’ll wait to vote on that one :slight_smile:

I’ve thought in my head an “Illiana” district would make the most sense. Indiana has always looked to be an (overly) small district. And the resulting area encompassed has a nice aspect ratio, so easy travels.

At any rate: if illinois goes district, that district should be more than just illinois.
IL/MO/IA maybe?

Yes, you need to include Missouri in the district. Right now Illinois teams go to the St. Louis regional.

Alright week two, final results from last week.

Include Missouri - 63%
Exclude Missouri - 37%

So with that here’s what our district looks like:
Midwest District map
Our district: Blue
FIM: Green
FIRST Indiana: Red
Regionals: Grey

My original plan was to just go state by state in order to decide the total boundaries, However that would take a while. So this week we’ll be voting on several groups of states. This could nullify the last one, but oh well :man_shrugging:

The top two votes will move on to next weeks voting. Vote closes 2020-04-04T05:00:00Z

  • Illinois, Missouri (AKA keep current boundaries)
  • Illinois, Misouri, Iowa
  • Illinois, Wisconsin
  • Illinois, Indiana
  • Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota
  • Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana
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I’m going to put out my opinion on why I think the MO, IL, IO, WI, MN should be the total boundaries. Currently, when you go to a regional in Illinois, these are usually the states representing. When I went to Seven Rivers back in 2018, it seemed to be the same. I do enjoy seeing and competing with teams from all these states. Plus, I think it could logistically work considering that event would probably be similar to the current regionals.

Woo Hoo! Week three! It looks like we have our final two options for our district boundaries. Here are last weeks results.

IL, IO, MI - 40%
IL, MI, IO, WI, MN - 27%
IL, IN - 20%
IL, WI - 13%
IL, MI - 0%
IL, MI, IO, WI, MN, IN - 0%

So we’ll be voting between the IL, IO, MI district and the IL, MI, IO, WI, MN district. Voting closes at 2020-04-11T05:00:00Z

  • Illinois, Missouri, Iowa district
  • Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota

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Note - Please DM me with district name ideas, we’ll be voting on that next week.

Alright, sorry this is late but the results are in!

IL, MI, IO, WI, MN - 58%
IL, MI, IO - 42%

So with that here are our updated boundaries
Midwest District map
Blue - our district
Red - FIRST Indiana
Green - FIM

So we now move onto the name of our district. If there are any name suggestions by the end of tomorrow I will redo the pole. The pole closes at 2020-04-18T05:00:00Z

  • Midwest District
  • Missisipi River District
  • FIRST Midwest
  • Pioneer District
  • Frontier District
  • Rivers District
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Voting is over people! Here are the results

FIRST Midwest - 44%
Midwest District - 32%
Frontier District - 8%
Mississippi River District - 8%
Pioneer District - 4%
Rivers District - 4%

Well vote between the top two selections now. Voting closes 2020-04-25T05:00:00Z

  • FIRST Midwest
  • Midwest District

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Sorry this is late, but holy cow we have a name. Here’s the results from the last poll.

FIRST Midwest - 82%
Midwest District - 18%

Now let’s make some decisions about our district championship. Currently our district has approximately 464 teams. This week we’ll be deciding on how many fields/how many teams will go to the district championship. Just to keep it simple I’ve just decided a set amount of teams per field. Poll closes 2020-05-03T05:00:00Z

  • One field (60 team Dist. Champ
  • Two field (120 team Dist. Champ)
  • Three field (180 team Dist. Champ)
  • Four field (240 team Dist. Champ)

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I voted for 3 fields. But not with 180 teams - 120 to 150 teams on 3 fields means 40 or 50 per field. MSC was 40 per field with 4 fields, and would have gone to 50 per field with a very aggressive schedule to fit in 12 plays per team.

With 464 teams now, and a reasonable estimate for growth because of going to districts (which definitely CANNOT be assumed now), 500 teams advancing 30% to the CMP would be 150 teams.

Ok, so we’ve got a format for our district championship. Here are the results:

2 fields - 38%
4 fields - 25%
3 fields - 25%
1 field - 16%

Very interesting. Alright now we need to choose a city to host the event. I’ve selected one city from each representing state for this list. The cities with the two highest votes will be voted on next week. Poll closes 2020-05-09T05:00:00Z

  • Chicago
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • Des Moins
  • St. Louis

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For future voters, Dome at the Americas center in St. Louis would be available again.
#returntoSt. Louis

Chicago is such a nicer place to visit/be than St. Louis though. It’s so much better of a travel experience. St. Louis is a ghost town, and Chicago is a live, bustling city that you can easily get around, with lots to do and see.

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My apologies for delay here are the results from last week.

Chicago - 47%
St. Louis - 26%
Des Moines - 11%
Minneapolis - 11%
Milwaukee - 5%

Alright let’s vote between Chicago and St. Louis! Poll closes 2020-05-16T05:00:00Z

  • Chicago
  • St. Louis

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I’m not going to forget this week, I’m not going to forget this week…

Really sorry i haven’t post, I’ve been surprisingly busy lately. Here are the results from last week.

Chicago - 63%
St. Louis - 37%

So Chi town will be the home to the district championship.

Now we move on to district events. Currently their are 631 (assuming Midwest has 60 spots and CIR has 40) spots available at competitions give or take a few. With our district have approximately anywhere from 450-500 teams, we’ll need some more competitions so that every team can compete twice. Approximately 370 competition spots. I’ve taken three cities from each of our states. This one will be multiple choice and any city that reaches over 50% of the vote will be a new competition. The pole closes 2020-06-06T05:00:00Z.

  • Chicago IL
  • Springfield IL
  • Rockford IL
  • Columbia MO
  • Springfield MO
  • Jefferson City MO
  • Des Moines IA
  • Cedar Rapids IA
  • Iowa City IA
  • Madison WI
  • Green Bay WI
  • Kenosha WI
  • Rochester MN
  • Bloomington MN
  • Brooklyn park MN

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Note: Chicago is on here twice because teams there would probably need a second competition there in order to compete in two. Since a lot of people rely on walking and public transportation to get places.

So the results are in! Here are the results.

Chicago, Des Moines, Madison, Springfield IL - 71%
Jefferson City, Rockford - 57%
Cedar Rapids, Columbia, Springfield Mo - 42%
Iowa City, Kenosha - 28%
Blooomington, Green Bay, Rochester - 14%
Brooklyn Park - 0% (rip)

So Chicago, Des Moines, Madison, Springfield, Jefferson City, Rockford will be getting their own district evnet!

Well, that is all I have as far as this district goes. Unless anyone has anything else that we need that is the end. Thanks so much for playing guys. I will probably post a thread recapping what we decided on. Thanks, so much guys!

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