Create YouTube Account for Team

This year I am pushing my team to start making videos so we can have an online presence. We want to post these videos to YouTube but this is where I’m wanting advice. What is the best way to create an account for the Team or have the Team have a group/page? Right now, my understanding is that we need to create a new Google account (That has Gmail, YouTube and many more things) and then we can post videos using that account. However, I rather not have to create a whole new account that we need to login with and manage.

I wanted to see if there is a way we can create an organization group to upload our videos too and add our existing YouTube accounts to it for management. This way we don’t have a new email that no one will more than likely manage or use.

If we have to create the account, then so be it but I want to make sure there aren’t other options that I am missing.

I’m open to any idea or info. Thank you!


I don’t believe you can do that. You’ll just have to create an account and share the password.

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You can open new account and give certain student’s email managing roles so they can login only to the account with their own google account

I think there may be a way to add YouTube videos from other channels to your teams main page. Not too sure on the details about doing that but regardless you’ll have to create a new YouTube/Google account. Our team’s page is run by our media team who share the password and ownership responsibilities. Another option is to create a playlist videos from different accounts and share that some other way.

+1 for brand accounts. Easy way to give/take access to the account without a “team gmail”.

THANK YOU! This is what I was exactly looking for! I knew there was a way that we could create group page. I just didn’t know it was called a “Brand Account”. I’ve got our page setup and uploaded our first video. Feel free to check it out at FRC 2461 - The METAL-SKINS

We will fix the Brand Account URL once we have 100 subscribers and whatnot. Thank you so much for you help!