Creating a geographic-based team alliance

We had a big increase in rookie teams in Maryland this year, especially in the Baltimore area. At kickoff, the 8 teams surrounding Baltimore met for the first time and formed “The Baltimore Alliance” and shared some resources during the build.

The teams are now looking towards creating a more organized structure, creating a more centralized fundraising strategy, sharing resources and figuring out how they can work together to help raise the bar for all the teams and making the program stronger here.

I’m looking for areas of the country, especially with inner city teams mixed with suburban teams that have done this so we can pass on best practices and the voice of experience. One key is that these teams do not a central sponsor and were not created this way. They are also after school teams.

BTW-the teams started this, not me. I’m proud of them all. :slight_smile:

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Look at IndianaFIRST for a possible model.

Well, I haven’t heard much of anything about the Baltimore Alliance since Team 007’s awards banquet a few months ago, and I am still interested in trying to attend a few of their meetings. If there is any information floating about on where and when the Alliance holds its meetings, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. :þ

Niagara First is another Great Geographic alliance to look into…Contact Karthik for more info on that.