Creating a Mecanum drivetrain

How do I create a Mecanum Drivetrain with Java on VS code?
I have made a differential drivetrain already just in case we don’t end up doing a Mecanum drive train. I wanna know if there is any way I can edit this to program for one motor controlling one mecanum wheel and how to do it.

Also i was wondering if there is any video for programming a Mecanum drivetrain or if anyone could help me in coding for a gripper/arm

-we are using VScode 2023
-We are using Java
-we are doing a command based robot

You’ve got a pretty solid starting point!

Instead of the DifferentialDrive and MotorControllerGroup objects, you should consider the MecanumDrive object (which takes four controllers instead of two; API: MecanumDrive (WPILib API 2023.4.2)).

You should create your MecanumDrive after you configure your controllers (in the constructor of your subsystem), instead of instantiating it in the class variable declaration line. This allows you to apply your configurations to the individual motor controllers before you use them to create the drive object.

Also, after you configure your CANSparkMax objects in the constructor (the setInverted calls applied to the individual controllers, not the groups, for mecanum), you should call burnFlash on the CANSparkMax objects so that the changed configuration isn’t lost if the controller has a brown out. This should prevent some head-scratching down the road, and is a good practice for any CANSparkMax objects in your code.


I would start with the WPILib documentation’s example of driving a robot with Mecanum.

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