Creating a Team Wiki for CAD Training: Your Feedback is Welcome!


I am tinkering with the idea of creating a team wiki for the purposes of CAD training comprised of various how to guides detailing how my team designs FRC robots with SolidWorks. I figure now is a good time to try this out since I am not entirely sure what CAD training is going to look like on my team for the 2021 Season in the wake of COVID 19.

My first entry is a guide on designing hex shafts with snap ring grooves.

I am using a software called Notion to host the wiki, OBS Studio to record MP4s, and obviosuly SolidWorks as my CAD program of choice.

Any feedback on the editing/style/or contents of the guide is much appreciated!

Edit: For clarity, this wiki is mostly intended as an internal resource for my team specifically, although I will make it publicly available.




Just to be clear, this wiki is intended for my own team not the community at large, although I have no qualms with making it publicly available.

I am not a CADer for my team so I can’t comment on the content you shared but I love the idea of using notion for a team wiki. The process of sharing a wiki and allowing collaborative editing is super easy with notion. Its also free for personal use and has a student plan (also free). I just started using notion a few weeks ago and it is 100% my favorite productivity tool. If anyone reading this has not heard of notion, I strongly recommend you check it out, at least for personal use if not for your team.

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As far as content goes - while it’s not how I personally would design a snap ring groove shaft*, it seems solid as far as design intent goes. One small note would be that it helps a lot to leverage the sketch mirror - you could have laid out only half the shaft, then mirrored the sketch about the origin, and then revolved to save a lot of time dimensioning and doing relations.

The formatting is fantastic, and all the writing is super clear and concise. I think it’s great.

* I personally prefer to start with the hex shaft stock and then make the grooves as revolve cuts to match how the part is fabricated, but that’s really just a matter of preference.

Your not wrong, but there’s only so much you can optimize a simple drawing like this lol.

Thanks! I put a decent amount of thought into how I was saying things as well being consistent with the formatting.