Creating bevel gears in Mac Fusion 360

Newbie Fusion 360 user here. I’m trying to create a bevel gear for a 3D printed project of mine, and I can’t seem to find an add-in that works like the SpurGear script but for bevel gears. The only one I could find is this one, which supports only Windows and not Mac (which I am using).

Does anyone know of a script/add-in for this? Or, is making a regular spur gear and using a loft is enough for creating miter gears (which is the type of bevel gears I’m looking for specifically)?

Try checking Thingaverse?
Google: Bevel gear creator

Looks like a few gear generators might be there. Yes it’s a external step but…

I’m looking to eliminate external steps; I could probably generate these in OnShape but I want to be able to change their parameters in Fusion

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