Creating the trailer hitch

ok i read the manual but i didnt see any thing on how to make the trailer hitch can someone provide the diagram on how to make it or step by step instructions?

try looking here
under GE-09036_revB

I’ve seen those diagrams before but we just don’t know how to make the part that you put the bar on for the trailer the diagram on GE 9036

I’m thinking you are talking about the trailer tongue. The part that is on the trailer. If it is just for your testing we made ours out of a chunk of 3/4 conduit.

so the hitch is just the spacer “smacking bar” and the u shape piece of metal with holes on it?

Yes, and the “u shaped piece of metal with holes on it” is made by cutting out a 7" long section of the kit frame c channel with one of the pre-drilled 1/4" holes in the center. If you cut 7" off the stock end of one of the channels the hole will be in the proper location (unless your kit frame is different than ours, you never know so double check).

Even if it isn’t in the proper spot (like ours) it is easy enough to measure and drill out the proper holes. Though it is slightly annoying.