Creating Tutorials

Does anyone know of a good tool for creating programming tutorials that would be first specific?

It’s already been done for you. The teamrush27 programming guides are exceptional. See

If you do need to create your own I’ve found Camtasia from TechSmith to be fantastic. It’s not free but worth every penny. They have education pricing (Studio is $179 in that form.). That’s what I used for the LEGO NXT, and soon EV3, programming tutorials over at STEMCentric.

Google presentations on drive are fairly easy to embed in a website.
Quibblo is a tool we use for online quizzes.

A few years back we made these tutorials/quizzes (they are in need of serious updates now)

If you want fancy zoom in and out stuff Camtasia but if you just want standard video recording, any desktop recorder would work. I stumbled upon something called Aerozoom which is like super powered windows magnifier. You should be able to record the zoom in and stuff with just a free desktop recorder.

I don’t have money to spend on it and they need to be for java

If you are looking for a way to record a screen, you can try out:

How can we access the slides and quizzes?


You could use and link to it in a discussion thread on CD. It’s a widely used website and may get exposure beyond the FRC community.

If you are creating tutorials with speech while you program, I would strongly suggest looking at FRC Mastery to get an idea of how to produce a professional looking tutorial. They use camtasia. If you are looking for static tutorials, those are fairly simple to create with a little HTML knowledge and a little skill in MS paint.

1718 FRC Labview Tutorial

Adobe Captivate is a great program; it is not free but they offer a free trial. Excellent for screen captures with animation, mouse movement and clicks. Not so good with actual video.

Before picking a tool (any tool), first write your script: what exactly will each screen show, what images and text will appear on screen, and what voice-over will be there. That will help you figure out which tool might be best, and it will minimize the time spent actually creating it. My 2 cents’

Do you want me to share the google drive presentations ?
PM or email me and I will do this