Creating WPILib Robot Java Project in VSCode



Hello fellow Programmers,

I have installed the WPILib, VSCode, and the required tools/extensions through the GitHub link on the 2019 First Control System Site. The Screen Steps on the Control System Site describes that after the installer finishes one should be able to begin programming the robot using the WPI Libraries. However, This is my first time using any form of Microsoft Visual Studios, so I am having difficulty figuring out how to create a new WPILib Robot Java Project. I have more experience with Eclipse, and know that you were able to do this in eclipse by selecting New, other, and the WPILib Robot Project (or something similar to this). I can’t find this function anywhere in VSCode.

Any help would be Greatly Appreciated! :grin:

-Peter Parker
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Screensteps has instructions how to create new projects in vscode.


Thanks for your Quick Reply!

This is exactly what I was looking for…


Spiderman :spider: