Creativity Time / Video Solicitation

For all of you out there bored out of your minds surfing ChiefDelphi with nothing better to do, I have a creative project that I’m going to be needing some assistance with. I’m assembling a video previously mentioned on CD and need some clips.

  1. The Video Solicitation
    If anyone has some nice DV clips of your or another robot or team member doing something silly/awesome/destructive, I’d like them if possible. (Appropriate props will be given at the end of said video.) Preferred method is with the link posted in a reply here.

  2. The Creativity
    This particular segment of the video will be a takeoff on the familiar “Vonage” commercial series. You know, “We’re not out to change the world, just the way you talk to it.” ® © ™ (SM) (INC) (blah blah blah) They featured video clips such as a man chopping down a tree that fell on his car, a child swinging a bat and releasing it into a window, etc. :smiley: Any suggestions to revamp that theme, and turn it all FIRST-y will be considered. Now the video part should make a little more sense.

All help is preemptively acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you for your time and good luck at any postseason competition(s) you may be attending!

I think I still have the original DV footage of Chomp doing its rebound trick off of the wall in our room, as seen here. I’ll dive back into the footage to see if it’s on my laptop (and when the .zip archive is 3.3 GB on my hard drive, it’d darn well better be); if not, it’ll have to wait until I get back to Columbia around the end of the month.