Creo 4.0 Render Test


I had some trouble getting a decent looking render of our robot this past season. PTC made some changes to the render package with Creo 4.0 and I kept getting some strange effects in the render.

I decided to build a test model and try different settings. The file FullSimulationCloseup.jpg shows the artifacts I’m talking about. It was run with “Full Simulation” selected. I even ran it for 3 hours to be sure it had time to generate a good image.

The file Settings.jpg shows the settings I ended up with. I selected Full Simulation and then turned off Caustics and Interior Mode - they were the two settings messing up the render.

FinalRenderTest.jpg shows the model rendered with these settings.


Hey, this is tangentially related, but could you explain why your team decided to use Creo as a CAD program? I’ve heard from several people that it is more intended for applications different from robotics and it seems like a curious choice.


The biggest reason is that I use Creo in my day job. It works fine for robotics - the students pick it up quickly.


Thank you for taking the time to look at this! This has been something very frustrating to me about the new rendering system.