Creo Elements/ProE Installation

I’m attempting to install Creo Elements with no success. I’ve downloaded the installer, run it, and got through most of the installation process. However, once it goes to the actual installation process, it hangs. I’ve attached an image of what my screen looks like. The picture changes periodically, but the progress does not appear to change. I’ve let it sit like this for 10+ mins with no change. Looking in my task manager, I can see no CPU utilization for either of the two PTC processes.

I’ve had the same results on two of my machines. One runs Vista (32-bit) and the other runs 7 (64-bit).

Any ideas?

You need to use the full DVD image installation package. Their “online” installation package is broken. Did the same thing to me.

Yes, use the full DVD download. I’ve installed it that way several times and have had no problems.

That was going to be my next approach. Thanks for the heads up!